Feb 6, 2013

Tea Tree Review

   There are a lot of natural ingredient beauty remedies flooding…well, everywhere;  Pinterest,  Google, Facebook, Dr. Oz, and just about any other extension of the media you can think of. Some of the most popular are coconut oil, Burt’s Bees, sugar scrubs , among many many others. Today though, I wanna talk about Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner.

   I swear by Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line. I just absolutely love it!!! Before I discovered this tingling, minty piece of beauty heaven I was never one of those girls that gushed over my shampoo or conditioner. I tried all kinds of lines from run-of-the mill drug store brands to top of the line professional brands. Nothing tickled my fancy, until Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree. We carry the whole line at my salon and I originally bought the shampoo for my husband but low and behold one day I ran out of my own shampoo and decided to give this a whirl. I’m glad I did!

   At the time I had just colored my hair back dark after annihilating it with bleach for upwards of six months and, even though I had cut a substantial amount of fried ends off, I was still pretty crispy. It was so bad the ends of my hair just flaked off when I brushed it, you could hear it. It was disturbing. Anyway, one fateful day I tried my husband’s new shampoo and I loved the fragrance (peppermint and eucalyptus) I loved the way it tingled and I loved the way my hair and scalp felt really, truly cleaned and refreshed when I was done. I was hooked. Within just a few weeks I could see and feel an improvement in my hair. I wasn’t shedding handfuls in the shower anymore, shine and luster had returned and my ends looked a little more hydrated. Although I was still using just whatever conditioner I had on hand, but the combination wasn’t working. So I finally decided to do the logical thing and try the whole line together like it was designed to be used.

   My hair improved even more! It gained even more shine and stayed soft and smooth when it dried.  It conditions deeply but doesn’t make my hair look or feel oily, not even after a couple days.  It pretty much worked a mini miracle on my head. The catch with it though, is it cannot be used every day. It’s not necessary to wash your hair everyday as it is, but some gals do. If you are one of them gals make sure you have an alternate shampoo to switch out with, as the Tea Tree can dry your scalp and make it flake if over used. On a scale of one to ten (ten being the best) I give this product a 10 for performance and an 8 for convenience, since it does need to be switched out for daily shampooers. 


  1. Love tea tree! Gotta try this one. Thanks for the review. Can you d a make

  2. Sure thing! Thanks for reading. I got my first of many, tutorial going up today!