Feb 5, 2013

Morning Ready

   Getting ready for your day can’t be done in silence. You need a cup of warm coffee, good lighting and some great sing-a-long tunes. Getting right outta bed (especially if you’re not a morning person) you don’t want a playlist containing songs that are going to assault your senses and rat your hair out for you. I’ve compiled a small playlist with some of my favorite laid-back, easy going songs. Some of them you may have already heard before, oldies but goodies they say, and others might be new but I hope either way they find themselves a way on to your personal Morning Ready playlists! Just click on the song title to listen to it via Youtube.
This is one of my new favorite singers I’m currently obsessing over. She has such a hypnotic voice and a retro feel to her. This song in particular is perfect to start your morning routine. It’s soft, giving you a chance to finish waking up but catchy beat that will get your blood flowin’.
             This cover is slowed and mellowed out from the original but a little of a pick-me-up from Lana Del Rey, and still catchy enough to get stuck in your head.
3)    Meet Virginia - Train 
             Another favorite band and one I can’t help but sing along with.
             An optimistic song hopefully promoting a bright outlook on your day.
              A great song that makes you wanna dance around like a fool. So much fun!
              Another positive song, you can hear the smile in her voice.
              A poppy little rap number
              They hum the chorus, it’s beautiful.
   Those are just a few awesome songs that are on one of my many playlists. I hope they inspire some of you out there and that they add a little pep and fun to your morning routines!

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