Feb 8, 2013

Do Me Up, Dirty Girl

   Let's face it ladies, sometimes we're lazy. We don't shave our legs in the winter, we stay in our pj's all day when we can, and we eat straight from the ice cream carton when no one is looking. Guilty pleasures right? And I know, at least speaking for myself, that sometimes my hair can get pretty beastly. I go a few days without washing it and then suddenly I'm waking up for work with an untamed, bedraggled mess atop my head. For that very reason right there I have mastered a few styling tricks to wrangle the mess and make myself look cute and presentable, if I do say so myself.

   In my "Do Me Up, Dirty Girl" tutorials I will be showing how I style my hair when it's dirty. There are a wide variety of looks and the best part about dirty hair styling, is most of the styles take 10 minutes top! How's that for a lazy gal?

    The first "Do Me Up, Dirty Girl" tutorial is a boho, hippie style. I only used a few simple things: a stretchy headband (the kind joggers tend to wear), bobby pins, a clip and a regular comb (though a teasing comb would have been better). I whipped this style up with three day old hair that had been curled two days prior. I think the end result is very adorable, relaxed and slightly romantic. Perfect for work or a night out.




  1. Adorable!! Perfect for casual day a work- the last day of the week when I am too lazy to wash my hair. Thanks!

  2. Looks great ! Can't imagine me ever being able to do it so simply though :(